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General information: Nice surrounding, but of local interest and almost no parking possibilities. Since some time there are access problems and partly closures.

Situation: From Davos-Dorf you walk on a small road (Dischma-Straße) towards Restaurant Teufi. When the road steepens you will come to a cable car a bit further on the right side. Here you turn off for the sector Hof which is lying on private ground and therefore there are problems. Note: Beginning 2005 this sector has been closed by the owner!
If you continue on the road you come to the Restaurant Teufi. 1 km after the restaurant you come to a roadside parking on the ride side of the road (don't park in the passing areas, walk by foot into the valley!). Walk up the valley, don't take the first bridge to a farm, but the 2nd small bridge, then walk back to the boulders of the sector Illusion which you have passed already.
Climate:  High mountain valley leading from von Davos (1558 m) up to Dürrboden (2007 m). The valley is running roughly in a direction north-south.
Rock:      Gneiss
Topo:      blocheart[1] (tmms-Verlag) (out of print)


Boulder problems
About 100 straight ups and traverses 3 - 7c
  3 -   5+ :  36
6a - 6c+ :  49
7a - 7b+ :  11
           7c:  3