Kandersteg (areas down in the valley)

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Situation: In the valley of the river Kander (Kandertal) between Blausee and Kandersteg
Climate:   At an altitude of 900 to 1250 m, some sectors deciduous forest, some conifer wood. Dries slowly after rainfall, in parts possible also in winter.
Rock:       Incredible rock of dark sandstone-like an bright limestone-like layers
Topo:          swiss Bloc 1 (GEBRO Verlag), more info and order


Boulder problems
About 251 boulder problems 3 - 8b in currently 3 main sectors
  3 -   5+ :  44
6a - 6c+ :  82
7a - 7c+ :  77
8a - 8a+ :    7

     Others:  41


Around Kandersteg there are also 4 more sectors in high altitude to be found, accessible by cable-car, toll road or a long hike.



Philipp Schrott in "Das Pendel" (7c)

Sector "Universum-Sunside"


Philipp Schrott in "Banane" (7a, after a hold broke 7b)

Sector "Blausee"