Bad Hindelang - Kraftboulder

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A varied circuit and many extra problems can be found on excellent limestone boulders.

Situation: Close to Sonthofen / Bad Hindelang.
Climate:  Sun in the afternoon; situated in high conifer wood, pleasant also on hot summer days; give at least 2 days to dry after rainfall; the overhangs tend to condensate
Rock:      Limestone
Topo:      Allgäu-Block, GEBRO Verlag

Boulder problems
About 164 boulder problems 2 - 8b+
  2 -   5+ :   104
6a - 6c+ :     39
7a - 7b+ :     12
7c - 8b+ :       9


Ulrich Röker in "Grün Nr. 16" Fb 4

Ulrich Röker in "Grün Nr. 14" Fb 5+/6a

Ulrich Röker in "Grün Nr. 9" Fb 6a