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Switzerland: A new page for the bouldering area "Nufenenpass/Äginatal" in Switzerland has been added.



The climbing guidebook "Blautal-Rock" is available now and can be ordered in the GEBRO-Online-Shop.



Switzerland: A new page with many photos for the bouldering area "Furkapass" in Central Switzerland at the high passes has been added.



Allgäu - Greggenhofen/Weiher/Freidorf: Thanks to the effort of the mayor of Rettenberg the parking at the "Parkplatzwand" will stay open during the roadwork there. The construction company will keep space free for parking.

Nevertheless locals and visitors which have a bike with them should use the bike for the getting there!

Bigger parkings (currently also often very crowded) can be found at the quarry of Burgberg and at the beginning of the so called "Birkenallee" close to the B19-exit "Immenstadt Süd/Rettenberg". From there the crags in question are only some and mostly flat kilometres away.

Parking at the glass containers near Freidorf is not possible any more! The space there is private property and the owner was not happy to find the access to the fields there permanently blocked by wrongly parked cars. Also here the search for a solution is in progress.

The search for more parking spaces is also in progress. Rettenberg definitely tries to do the best to improve the whole situation concerning traffic/parking for locals as well as for visitors.



Allgäu-Starzlachblock: In one of the last winters the boulder called "Starzlachblock" is broken in two halfs. Some of the problems are not possible any more, some new can be done now.



Allgäu-Hinterstein: As announced in the daily press, the municipal council of Bad Hindelang decided to rise the parking fee for the parkings "Festhalle" and "Auf der Höh" to mind-blowing 10,00 EUR (in June 2018 the fee rised already from 2,50 EUR to 4,00 EUR). The parking fee for the parking "Säge" will after all rise to an also quite steep price of 5,00 EUR.



Allgäu: Caused by the current situation (international travel restrictions) we have a massively increased rush of visitors, also in our climbing and bouldering areas. In many places already now the parking situation is very difficult and parkings are overflowing. Therefore the IG Klettern approached the communities to previously discuss possibly upcoming problems and prevent potentially upcoming danger of closures.


The community of Bad Hindelang asks to park for the climbing and bouldering areas at the Ornach (Kraftwand, Kraftboulder, Weihar) solely in Oberjoch on the parkings P1, P2 and P3. The parking for the Hirschalpe should stay reserved for visitors of the Alpe.

We made an access map for this which can be downloaded here: Wegeskizze Kraftwand, Weihar, Kraftboulder


Please help by a discreet behaviour to avoid problems and to preserve the climbing and bouldering areas in the region:

  • Please remember not to block forest and field pathes. In Allgäu the grassland is permanently farmed and hay is cutted on all days of the week (MON-SUN!),tractors with huge hangers need enough space to pass!
  • Remember also: parking on the green next to roads and elsewhere is prohibited!
  • As far as the current infection protection rules allow it, please built carpools from less frequented parking areas, thus the parkings in the areas see less vehicles.




The bouldertopo "swiss Bloc °1" and the climbing guidebook "Allgäu-Rock" are available now.

Here the dircect links to the GEBRO-Online-Shop:


A short outlook to our next book: The climbing guidebook "Blautal-Rock" will be available prospectively mid of June and can already be pre-ordered in the GEBRO-Online-Shop (Blautal-Rock).



Allgäu: As we don't want to miss to support our long-standing partners as good as possible, here the following info to all in the Allgäu: The inn "Schiff" in Bihlerdorf had the clever idea of a drive-in. You can order food and drink online on the Webpage of the "Schiff" and take it there by driving in. I'm sure we all would be more than happy to have the Schiff (ship) still in irons after these turbulent times, so please support Matze and his crew as good as possible.



The two climbing guidebooks for the Frankenjura "Franken 1" and "Franken 2" by the GEBRO Verlag publishing house arrived fortunately today fresh from printing and thereby a good week before scheduled.

Here the direct links to the GEBRO-Online-Shop:


PRE-ORDER NOW! For the 4 books "Franken 1", "Franken 2", "swiss Bloc °1" and "Allgäu-Rock" the possibility to pre-order is to be found now on the pages of the GEBRO Verlag publishing house

Here the dircect links to the GEBRO-Online-Shop:


SOON TO COME! Last and this year the Team of the GEBRO Verlag was extremely busy doing research for you and was working very hard to add this research information to new books. Very soon follows a multiple coup with altogether 2208 pages concentrated info to several areas:

  • Both volumes of the guidebook for the Northern Frankenjura "Franken 1" und "Franken 2" will be published in the 3rd edition: 1536 pages •  13120 routes (+2500) • 861 crags (+74)
  • The completely revised edition of the bouldertopo "swiss Bloc °1":  352 pages • 3600 problems (+1300) • 16 areas (+4)
  • The 4th strike also this spring will be the 8th edition of "Allgäu-Rock"

The books "Franken 1", "Franken 2" will be published prospectively still in April, the "swiss Bloc °1" should follow shortly after, and also hopefully still in spring the up-to-date guide for the Allgäu-areas should be available.


Sicily-San Vito lo Capo: As announced the new edition of the climbing guidebook Sicily-Rock is available since some days and can be ordered in the GEBRO-Online-Shop.


Sicily-San Vito lo Capo: The new edition (7th edition) of the climbing guidebook Sicily-Rock (GEBRO Verlag) is available prospectively as of Wednesday, 22nd of January 2020 and can be pre-ordered now in the GEBRO-Online-Shop.





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