30 - Departement Gard

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Mas de L'Ayre

Situation:  A good bit west of Montélimar.
Climate: At an altitude of 800 m.
Rock:    Sandstone


Boulder problems:

113 Boulder problems


Tamara Guillermain on "Rassemblement caillette" (4+)

Photo: © Archive Santacroce

Dario Santacroce on "La proue" (6a)

Photo: © Archive Santacroce

Dario Santacroce on a nice wall climb (6c+)

Photo: © Archive Santacroce

Tamara Guillermain on "Le bambou" (5+)

Photo: © Archive Santacroce

Dario Santacroce on "Palavas" (6b)

Photo: © Archive Santacroce

Dario on the final mantle of "Palavas" (6b)

Photo: © Archive Santacroce



La Capelle


Situation:   Between Uzès and Bagnols sur Cèze.
Climate:    At an altitude of about 300 m on a south-facing slope covered with wood.
Rock:        Coarse-grained sandstone. 
Topo:        Information and online-topo on the webpage www.capelllebloc.fr.st . At the moment the area is in danger of beeing closed, therefore the webpage is not available at the moment. More information to this at http://payetonblaze.info/capelle/index.php

Boulder problems
About 300 boulder problems in 11 sectors from easy for children up to Fb 8a+.